Transportation carriers are often responsible only for their legal liability for damage caused to your cargo, which may not be equal to the full value of your cargo, and in many cases, may not be liable for the damage for the loss or damage at all.

That is why Twill is pleased to be introducing Value Protect to our integrated end-to-end logistics service – a new solution to keep the value of your cargo protected from logistics-related risks.

Value Protect has been added, as part of our logistics service, to address the many difficulties and annoyances that businesses face when trying to ship cargo while protecting it from risk and damage.

Total Value Protect

Cargo Insurance Benefit

  1. Peace of mind
    • With clear recovery tiers in Value Protect, you have less to worry about while shipping your cargo.
  2. Prices up front – No nasty surprises further down the line.
    • As with everything at Twill, transparency is key, so ValueProtect is available in varying packages based on the needs and type of cargo you’re shipping.
    • Making a claim is quick and easy since we know you and your business through our platform.
  4. One point of contact
    • With our dedicated 24/7 customer service team all your needs and queries can be answered effectively and paperwork becomes simple and easy.
  5. One Invoice
    • For your convenience, Value Protect will now be part of your standard shipping invoice.

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