We provide full supply chain management package including cost effective and fast sea freight.

You can also combine this package with other means of transportation.

Benefits of using freight broker services with EasternWays

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Many shippers underestimate the benefits they can grasp from working with a freight broker. Actually, freight brokers can save you time and money. These professionals have extensive industry expertise and connections to negotiate lower rates for you, and also handle all the communication between shippers and carriers. To fully understand the benefits and the use of freight broker services, it’s important to understand how do they work.

GET THE BEST RATES EasternWays has decades of experience and various relationships with carriers throughout the world. This gives us a unique capability to negotiate exclusive rates for your company through our 45,000+ carrier network. When working with EasternWays, you know you are getting the lowest rates with the most reputable carriers.

A DEDICATED TEAM Once you partner with EasternWays, you can rely on a dedicated account executive and professional team that will make your spot-freight moves as efficient and simple as possible. We will act as your one point of contact for any of your logistics needs with our 24/7 support team.

LOGISTICAL ANALYSIS Our experts can dive into your different business initiatives and simplify your supply chain management processes. Our logistics assessment will help us discover new opportunities to optimize your supply chain and save you money.

ACCESS TO ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY With our customized online transportation management system, your logistics become more efficient. With process transparency, regular reporting, and consistent invoicing, EasternWays makes managing your supply chain smooth and simple.

SERVICE With our vast network of pre-qualified carriers, we are ready for any shipment need at any time. Making your spot-freight moves efficient and simple is our specialty. With a dedicated account executive, you get instant access to the largest network of carriers in North America. Our company has the knowledge and experience to handle your cross-border shipments, customs clearance, and permits.

SIMPLE, ONLINE LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT Your shipments can’t wait. That’s why we have a custom-built online system to make managing, monitoring and optimizing your logistics simple and fast. With EasternWays, you can find the lowest-cost solution. Using our TMS, your data will come to life. With high visibility, status update notifications, and consolidated billing, EasternWays makes managing your supply chain easy.

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